Online Smoothing Plane Class

The online smoothing plane construction class with Scott Meek (@SMeekWoodworks) begins tonight so this morning was about preparation and shop setup. I have found a gorgeous board of quarter sawn oak when I took the road trip last month to a sawmill run by Lumber By Lance in Ft White Fl. Now its time to get that board into the component parts for my first every wood smoothing plane built by me.

myWPEdit ImageWhen I got back to the shop from the road trip I sectioned the board into rough cut pieces and stacked and stickered them to acclimate to my shop. The lumber had been kiln dried at the mill and even with the higher humidity the past week the pieces were in perfect condition with very little movement.

The slide show above shows the four step process I used to mill and prepare the individual plane pieces. Each needs a reference edge and then over to the table saw to be cut to width. After each piece gets cut to width its back to the joiner-planer to flatten one face and make it square to the reference edge. The third machine process is to setup the thickness planer and plane each board to almost finished thickness then back to the joiner to smooth the second face. Finally each piece is cut to length and back to the table to await tonights class.

myWPEdit Image

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