Fountain Pen Care

Basic Information

All of our fountain pens are offered with optional ink pump or a standard ink cartridge pre-filled with either black or blue ink. The ink pump enables you to use a variety of water based inks in a rainbow of colors. Where indicated in the pen gallery both are provided with each pen. Fountain pen ink to use with the ink pump must be purchased separately.

Using an Ink Cartridge

The cartridge is the easiest to use. Simply unscrew the nib from the body of the pen and gently push the cartridge into the base of the nib. To get the ink started, gently squeeze the cartridge until a drop of ink appears at the tip of the nib. Wipe off any excess ink and replace the nib. You are now ready to write. When the ink runs out, clean the nib, as described below, and install another cartridge.

Should you decide to use the ink cartridge, remember to save your ink converter for cleaning purposes.

Using a Ink Pump

Always use fresh fountain pen ink which is less than a year old. Ink will evaporate overtime and become thick and clog your pen.

Using the converter is like using an ink cartridge that you fill with ink yourself. It is very simple to do, once you know how. First, unscrew the nib from the body of the pen, then gently push the converter into the base of the nib, just like you would with an ink cartridge. Next, twist the top of the converter counter clockwise until the piston moves all the way to the base of the nib. Place the nib of the fountain pen completely in the ink well. Twist the top of the converter clockwise with the nib still in the ink well and the ink should fill the reservoir as the piston moves back up. You may get nothing but air at first, don’t worry. Just bring the piston down again and repeat the process. When you have the reservoir full of ink, wipe excess ink from the nib and replace the nib on the body of the pen. You are now ready to write. When the ink runs out, clean the nib, as described below.


You should clean your fountain pen nib every time you refill it with ink by flushing cold water through the nib section. Never wash with hot water or alcohol. If the nib is dirty, use a solution of two-thirds cold water and one-third household ammonia. Fill the converter with the solution and flush the pen several times, then repeat with cold water to remove the solution. If the nib is clogged with ink, soak it in cold water for 24 hours. Fountain pen ink is water soluble. Allow the nib to dry thoroughly before filling with ink.

General Information

If you will not be using your pen for several weeks, empty the ink and clean the pen by flushing with cold water.

When not in use, store your fountain pen in an upright position. Storing your fountain pen on its side or in a downward position may allow the ink to dry and eventually clog your pen.

When traveling by plane, carry your fountain pen with the nib up. To prevent air pressure from forcing ink through the nib, the ink cartridge should be completely filled or left empty. An almost empty cartridge, where the amount of air is greater than the amount of ink, is more likely to leak than a full cartridge.

Remember, Do not press hard when you write. The beauty and advantage of a fountain pen is that it flows with the touch of paper. Pressing hard may result in ink flow problems.

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