A Special Christmas Ornament

Each Christmas we try to find a new or special ornament for our family Christmas tree. Maybe it’s something we have found during the year to remind us of a special trip, or the arrival of a new family member, or maybe it is just something unique, limited in availability, or made just for us. This year is our 3rd Christmas since we moved to Florida and creating something tropical with an exotic wood seems and something from the sea like the perfect blend of land and sea. From the sea I choose the Sputnik Sea Urchin shell and from the land some gorgeous Cocobolo – also know as Rosewood it is a sought after tropical hardwood.

I currently have several Christmas Ornaments available at our Etsy Shop by Clicking Here. that are this marriage of sea and land. The ornament has also been include in a great treasury of Christmas Gifts curated by a great artist Beth Blosser. Her treasury Ice and Fire can be found by Clicking Here. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a unique additional to your Christmas memories.

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