Custom Resin Wood Stabilization Service

Resin Stabilization

Custom stabilization focuses on the needs of the wood and brings otherwise difficult or useless wood back to life. We only use the best resin available to a vacuum chamber stabilize your wood. We oven dry your wood  and the using a vacuum chamber saturate the blanks with a heat curable polymer resin. As an additional service we will sand excess resin and return your blanks clean and ready for that special project.

Benefits of Wood Stabilization

  • Enhances the beauty of the wood by adding contrast to grain and figure.
  • Can greatly reduce end grain tear out.
  • Hardens and stabilizes soft or spalted wood.
  • Reduces the effects of moisture including humidity changes.
  • Improves dimensional stability for burls and highly figured wood

Note: The stabilization process does not fill cracks and voids.

Clear Resin Stabilization Pricing

The service is priced based on the amount of wood to be stabilized based on weight after the resin is applied and before any post processing such as sanding.

Less than 3 lbs: $10.00 per lb
3 lb to 10 lbs: $ 9.00 per lb
10 + lbs: $ 8.00
 (Charge base on finished weight)

Estimating Process Costs

For example, an average pen blank weighing 2 oz. after stabilization will cost between $1.00 and $1.25 depending on order size.

Most woods will weigh approximately .75 oz per cubic inch after stabilization. If estimating weight remember that boxed wood is typically 25% to 30% dead air space.

We currently have 2 vacuum chambers. One for pen blanks and knife scale blanks no longer than 5 1/2″. and A larger chamber that can process blanks and pieces up to roughly 7″ by 7″ by 6″.

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