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Sometimes you have to try something new

Turning with a lathe is an interesting experience and so totally different from doing traditional wood work. Traditional or flat work is about addition. You add pieces and parts until the project is complete. Wood turning is about subtraction. You … Continue reading

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Chairs, Benches and Stools

For as long as I have been involved with woodworking I have had a fascination with objects we sit upon made of wood. Everything from simple stools to intricate chairs are fascinating. Not the the heavily upholstered or ornate versions … Continue reading

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Fountain Pen Care

Basic Information All of our fountain pens are offered with optional ink pump or a standard ink cartridge pre-filled with either black or blue ink. The ink pump enables you to use a variety of water based inks in a … Continue reading

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A Special Christmas Ornament

Each Christmas we try to find a new or special ornament for our family Christmas tree. Maybe it’s something we have found during the year to remind us of a special trip, or the arrival of a new family member, … Continue reading

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